Hash Crack v3 password cracking manual

    Hash Crack v3

    The Hash Crack: Password Cracking Manual v3 is an expanded reference guide for password recovery (cracking) methods, tools, and analysis techniques. Hash Crack contains all the tables, commands, online resources, and more to complete your cracking security kit.

    operator handbook red team osint blue team

    Operator Handbook

    The Operator Handbook takes three disciplines (Red Team, OSINT, Blue Team) and combines them into one complete reference guide. The book contains 123 individual cheat sheet references for many of the most frequently used tools and techniques by practitioners.

    red team planner

    Red Team Planner

    Pentest Engagement Note Taking

    Red Team Planner is a must for network pentester’s who manage multiple customer engagements. Includes custom designed engagement templates to help track customer requirements, tool deployments, team member tasks, and other vital data points essential to a successful network assessment.

    Blue Team Planner

    Blue Team Planner

    Blue Team Planner is a must for network defenders, incident responders, and those who manage multiple breach events. Includes custom designed incident templates to help track indicators of compromise (IOC), forensic tool deployments, team member tasks, timelines, affected machines, and other vital data points essential to a successful breach event response.

    One Time Grid Random Password Book

    One-Time Grid

    One-Time Grid: Random Password Book was created to help novice and technical users generate truly random, secure passwords for all your Internet website accounts and home network devices. Using industry standard, cryptographically random generation, One-Time Grid provides generated tables for users to select unique random data when creating new passwords.

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    NETMUX is a multi-disciplinary network security solutions company.


    With over 14 years of experience dealing with advanced threat actors from around the world, we support organizations in helping them improve their risk assessment and security solutions posture.

    network security defense

    Network Defense

    Is your network defense strategy properly engineered?

    Our team of engineers will conduct an assessment and help your organization develop an effective cyber and physical defensive strategy to protect your company's most sensitive data.

    pentest alert

    Penetration Testing

    How vulnerable are your assets to an attack?

    Using the latest cyber threat actor methodologies our team of security engineers will attempt to locate and report vulnerabilities in your organization's application and network infrastructure. Recommended solutions will accompany a detailed report of the findings.

    red team cyber flag

    Red Team Operations

    Complete organizational security assessment.

    The full-spectrum of security assessments is directed at your organization's infrastructure and its employees. A dedicated team will use remote exploitation, social-engineering, email spear-phishing campaigns, and physical penetration of your organization's location.

    network forensic magnifying glass

    Network and Hardware Forensics

    Have you audited your network assets lately?

    Full network data and hardware forensic analysis looking for existing or potential compromise of your organization's infrastructure. Onsite engineers placing sensors and surveying your networks data packets and systems culminating in a highly detailed report of the findings.

    network analysis security

    Network Analysis

    What information can be easily discovered about your network?

    Think your network assets are hidden? Our team will conduct an extensive analysis of what information can be easily obtained about your organization and its infrastructure and provide a detailed report of the findings.

    wireless network security

    Wireless Network Assessment

    Is your organization's wireless network vulnerable?

    A dedicated team will travel to your organization's location and conduct a full security audit of your wireless infrastructure. Includes testing for vulnerability to rogue access points and wireless cryptographic vulnerabilities.

    cyber threat report

    Security Reporting

    Detailed reports on your infrastructure posture.

    Automated reporting on your network infrastructure posture and alerts on possible vulnerabilities. Provide a list of ip address ranges or domain names and we will monitor the health and well being of your assets.

    cloud security

    Cloud Based Infrastructure

    Have you migrated to the cloud?

    The cloud offers cost effective data storage and services hosting solutions but requires different defense methodologies. We can assess whether your data and services are configured properly for a cloud environment and offer solutions.


    We served our country and now we are here to serve you.

    Netmux is composed of Armed Forces Veterans with over 14 years in the cyber attack and defense arena. Based out of Northern Virginia (NOVA), a stone's throw from Washington D.C., our company is entrenched in one of the most geographically key areas in network security. Brimming with talent from local universities and the defense sector, NOVA has become a home to some of the biggest names in the cyber security industry: Mandiant, Symantec, Amazon, Verizon, and Verisign. Netmux is proud to stand among these giants and offer the same level of world-class network security service, with a more tailored experience. We look forward to every new challenge presented to us by our customers and remain dedicated to their protection and satisfaction.

    *Proudly Veteran-Owned and operated company


    Cause everybody else is doing it...join the herd!

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