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Hash Crack Challenge

Password Hash Cracking Contest

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The Challenge

Two plain SHA1 password hashes have been generated using separate techniques from a single "Random-Grid" One-Time Grid (see One-Time Grid write-up <HERE>). This password cracking challenge will last one week, which starts Aug 27th, 2018 1200PM EST and ends September 3rd, 2018 at 1200PM EST.


[CRACKED by @BoursierEtienne] fe0c9f335b35c45e92d5e7d07c5933b6c4c0a522


[CRACKED by @lakiw]



Claim your prizes by posting on Twitter to @netmux with the cracked password. All valid submissions must be received before Sept 3rd at 1200PM EST.

***Limit=1. Sorry only United States contestants are eligible to receive the password cracking rig. A $500 Amazon gift card will be awarded for an international winner that cracks HASH #2.

**To receive your final prizes contestants must submit a write-up of your strategy for cracking the password hash. These write-ups will be posted at the end of the challenge accompanying the correct solutions.


Clues will be given periodically throughout the contest. Please follow @netmux on Twitter for announcements of new clues.

  1. "Pattern" & "Scatter"
  2. One-Time Grid attached below 
  3. Birthday Paradox
  4. Are all cell values equally probable?
  5. str(PIN)[:-1]
  6. scatter_cells + str(PIN)[:-1]
  7. Use seven of the possible ten "repeats" to mask your way to the other half of the scatter_cells solution.
  8. Hash #2 = print(len(scatter_cells + str(PIN)[:-1])) = 19
  9. No cell values have been reused in the composition of scatter_cells.
    “q$*????????)wc” + str(PIN)[:-1]
hash crack challenge one time grid

Good Luck Everyone!

One-Time Grid: Random Password Book

one-time grid password book

Hash Crack: Password Cracking Manual

hash crack password cracking manual

Pentester Portable Cracking Rig

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