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+ Red Team, OSINT, Blue Team Reference most common tools & techniques.

+ 100+ Cheat Sheets & References ranging all three disciplines.

+ All launch proceeds go directly to charity.

+ References are in A-Z alphabetical order for ease of use/recall.

+ Operator = Red Team, OSINT, & Blue Team practitioners.

+ Available on Amazon Paperback <HERE> 

Operator Handbook - Search Copy Paste L33t


The Operator Handbook has been an ongoing project for me for over two years of nights and weekends when I get 3 hours to myself from 9pm - 12am. It came about because I saw the age some manuals had begun to show, the lack of coverage for macOS, and folks are still carrying various other manuals. Additionally, the burgeoning discipline of OSINT became critical to everyday workflow and various curiosities.

Why should the three disciplines (Red Team, OSINT, Blue Team) always be divided? As team members we are pushed further to explore and apply more skills to perform our jobs with increased lethality. This "Operator" culture should mean a well-rounded team member, no matter the "Team" you represent. We are ALL Operators. Blue should see and understand Red tactics, Red should foster the collaborative nature with Blue, and OSINT should continually work to peel back identities of evil doers spread across the digital landscape. This is a big reason the book is Yellow. I didn't want this book to look like "Oh it's only for Red/Blue Team because it has a red/blue logo with black background". Knowing this is a field where we should all share in success and lessons learned without the artificial separation. Black & Yellow is that perfect neutral between all the sides.

What's Inside?

In the spirit of 'there is no separation' between Teams, I put everything in alphabetical order. Not only does it remove those separated notions, but it also aids in faster lookup. I'm sure you've had the same experience where you knew there was an "NMAP Cheat Sheet" section, but did it fall under Networking, Windows, or Tools? It begins with "N" so flip to the N's. There are 100+ Cheat Sheet/References in the Operator Handbook covering Cloud Services, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, DevOps Tools, OSINT techniques/tools, Ports, Defender tools, Attacker tools, and various other supporting tools (Vim, iptables, nftables, etc..). Literally anything I thought could be called upon by an Operator needing a quick reference to perform a task is included. Also almost every topic is covered in "How to exploit X" and "How to defend X" perspectives.

**Why the "Search.Copy.Paste.L33t;)" ? Because we all know that’s our go-to, whether we like to admit it or not :) a little humility and not taking ourselves so seriously.

Launch Proceeds to Charity

All launch proceeds will be going to six charities for the first six weeks:

+ WEEK 1 (23-29Mar)

Hak4Kidz : : Twitter @Hak4Kidz

+ WEEK 2 (30Mar-05Apr)

Rural Tech Fund : : Twitter @RuralTechFund

+ WEEK 3 (06-12Apr)

Center for Missing & Exploited Children : : Twitter @MissingKids

+ WEEK 4 (13-19Apr)

St Jude Children's Research Hospital : : Twitter @StJude

+ WEEK 5 (20-26Apr)

Gary Sinise Foundation : : Twitter @GarySiniseFound

+ WEEK 6 (27Apr-03May)

Biker's Against Child Abuse (BACA) : : Twitter @BACAIntl

I'm hoping we can raise needed money that will go directly to these organizations. These organizations do so much for those in need and we must do our part to support their mission.

**I'm always looking for good causes so if you have others please reach out to @netmux.

Operator Handbook - Red Team OSINT Blue Team

Available Amazon Worldwide

Charity Resources

Hak4Kidz : : Twitter @Hak4Kidz

Rural Tech Fund : : Twitter @RuralTechFund

Center for Missing & Exploited Children : : Twitter @MissingKids

St Jude Children's Research Hospital : : Twitter @StJude

Gary Sinise Foundation : : Twitter @GarySiniseFound

Biker's Against Child Abuse (BACA) : : Twitter @BACAIntl