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Password Cracking Manual

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Hash Crack v2.0

Well it's been nearly a year and password recovery (cracking) has continued to march ahead with advancements in hardware and techniques, and so it became time to update Hash Crack with new material and research. Over an additional 40% of new examples, attacks, and research have been added to Hash Crack v2.0 after receiving many suggestions and feedback since the 1st edition came off the printing press. Also the chapter layouts and format have been reorganized to streamline the search for material and maintain a more logical flow. And lastly, all the most recent updates to existing and new cracking tools have been incorporated. It's truly a more well refined and robust product thanks to all the community feedback.

Hash Crack v2.0 Password Cracking Manual cover

Newly Added Material


  • Basic Cracking Playbook

-Added a complete step-by-step basic cracking walkthrough using Hashcat.

  • New Cheat Sheets (Terminal & File Manipulation)

-Terminal commands to increase your efficiency when working from the command line.

-File manipulation commands for creating, sorting, merging, dedup'ing, etc... files

  • Cracking Concepts

-Short explanations of cracking concepts like Markov chains, PCFG, etc...


-Corner flags added to the top and bottom of each chapter title page to aid in flipping.

-Minor updates to Hash Extraction

-Password Analysis section has been expanded to include example hashes and passwords with a step-by-step breakdown on analyzing the patterns. Also includes regionalized password creation trends and analysis into the top password managers with their default settings.

-Dictionary and Wordlist chapter expanded to include Hashcat-utils utilization and steps for creating a custom dictionary. Inspired by the "Cracking 12 Character & Above Passwords" article.

-Rules and Masks have been expanded to include the most common masks for Eastern and Western countries. Also creating custom Markov model's from an example password dump.

-Foreign character sets have ?b Hashcat mode added.

-Advanced attacks has many more examples and tool usage to include an expanded section covering MDXFIND and MDSPLIT tools for recovering custom nested hashes.

-Common Hash Examples chapter has been moved to the end to allow for a more logical flow.

-More online resources added in the Appendix , like links on how to build password cracking rigs and the "10 Crack Commandments".

-Updated Hash Cracking speeds with the latest hashing algorithms.

-Latest menu help pages.

Digital Kindle Version

Hash Crack v2.0 will be the first version to also have the option to purchase a digital Kindle version. The digital version will be released in approximately two weeks and an announcement will be made on Twitter. So if you have been holding out for this option follow on Twitter @netmux and look for the tweet with the release date.


Hash Crack password cracking cheat sheets

Corner flags added to ease the search when flipping for new material.

Hash Crack custom password cracking rule plan

Small sections for custom rule and mask plans.

hash crack advanced princeception prince password attack

Prince Attack section updated to include epixoip's Princeception attack method.

Hash Crack example hashes and passwords analysis

Password Analysis section expanded to include example hashes & passwords.

Give Back To The Cracking Community

I highly encourage you DONATE to the dedicated contributing members of the cracking community and, in that same vein, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this manual will be given to the various projects and researchers. So in the future when you see a donate button, click and give what you can.

A few of the tools/resources covered in the HASH CRACK manual are Hashcat, John The RIpper, PACK (Password Analysis and Cracking Kit), PIPAL, PassPat, Creddump, Mimkatz, Pcredz, Aircrack-ng, Weakpass, Crackstation, MDXFIND, and more. Yearly'ish updates and additions to the manual are planned for future chapters and sections based on customer feedback and geared towards assisting the network security professional. Also for some password cracking swag head on over to to check out the latest Limited Edition T-Shirt.

Lastly, if you are a developer of one of the tools, or online resources, and you were not given proper recognition in the Hash Crack manual please reach out to me on twitter @netmux and I'll be sure to update as necessary. Because without you, and your contributions to the community, we would be stuck hacking together some pathetic piece of code, praying to eek out 100 c/s against MD4. And don't forget to check out the companion site for future updates, cracking swag, and versions.


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